Mink - Weasels - Stoats

We can address any issues you have with Mink, Weasels or Stoats with the use of baited live catch traps. This method allows us to release any non-target species, there is a requirement by law for a daily check of these traps.

Mink Facts

American Mink, Neovision vison.

Not native to the British Isles.

Can be up to 40 cm in length.

They can weigh up to 1.5k.

Is semiaquatic.

They give birth April - June.

They can have up to 6 infants.

The young are weaned after 8 weeks.

They are carnivores.

They nest in dens.

Weasel Facts

Weasel, Mustela.

Native to the British Isles.

Can be up to 30cm in length.

Hunting ground of up to 3k.

Breed April and August 4 – 6 per litter.

Young are able to hunt after 8 weeks.

Rodents are 60% of their diet.

Stoat Facts

Stoat, Mustela ermine.

Native to the British Isles.

Can be up to 40cm in length.

Breed April/May 5 – 12 per litter.

They are carnivores.

Decline in the population through secondary poisoning from rodents.

Please do get in contact if you require any more information.