Mole Control Service

At Devon Wildlife Management we understand the habits/movements of moles and how they work the ground in search of food throughout the year. This knowledge has been gained from hands on experience over many years which helps us in the removal of any moles from unwanted areas.

We offer several options which include a one off removal service or a monthly visit which can be tailored to your requirements. Health and safety dictates that we must visit the site before any pricing can be agreed, this visit does not cost anything, and it is all part of the service.

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The control work is undertaken using dispatch traps set underground in the correct location, and checked on a regular basis.

Mole Facts

Talpa Europea - European Mole, the only mole in the UK.
There are no Moles in Ireland, the land bridge disappeared as sea levels increased.
Moles are classified as a pest/vermin in the UK.
The Romans were catching moles in earthenware pots.
They live 2 to 5 years.
They live a solitary life coming together to breed.
They are very territorial.
They nest underground mainly in hedgerows.
They breed once a year having an average of 5 pups.
The pups are fully mature after 5 weeks, they don’t breed until the following year.
They weigh 80g – 100g
They are classed as mammalian insectivores feeding on worms and grubs.
They will paralyse and store worms in larders close to their nest.
They need to drink on a regular basis
They do not hibernate.
They work for 4 hours and rest for 4 hours, 365 days a year.
They have very good hearing and a superior sense of smell.
They are very good swimmers.
The have flaps of skin over their eyes and can tell light from dark.
They can tunnel 20 metres a day.
They move into vacant runs very quickly.
They have several layers of tunnels.
They are cannibals.
They are haemophiliacs.

Mole Myths

You must not touch the traps with your hand.
You must wear gloves.
You must put the traps in a manure heap.
Sinking bottles in the ground.
Scattering small windmills around the ground.
Electronic sound beepers detract moles.
Hanging moles on a fence will stop them.
They stop working when it snows.
The only myth that is true is ‘if you have had a mole you will have a mole for life’
Referring to the fact that a mole will always take over a run that is not in use at some point in time.

The Bones of a Mole


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