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Welcome to Devon Wildlife Management. Run by Steve Hepburn, who is a conscientious and effective expert in pest control in Devon. Based near Plymouth, we serve domestic clients across South Devon for everything from wasp nest removal to mole control. He takes care of a wide range of pests and wildlife problems around your property, at a competitive rate, and with a kind and friendly service every time.

Call Steve on 07968 860520, to get your premises pest-free once more!


Mole hills in field




My pest control services

Mole hills in Devon


If you have a mole problem devastating your lawn or garden, we are here to help. With our pest control in Devon and throughout South Devon, we can trap and remove moles from your locality and help keep your property mole free. We can employ a range of deterrent measures, such as barriers, repellent substances, which will enable you to keep your property mole free for much longer.

Wasp nest


We can remove wasp nests in and around your home and garden, using powder chemical with an air pressure system from a remote distance. This makes the nest completely uninhabitable, and any wasps not killed in this process will disperse. In this way, we can tackle wasp nests that are difficult to access, and ensure safe and effective nest removal.

Ladybird eating aphids

Other biological controls

As part of our service for pest control in Devon, we can release bugs, such as ladybirds, to help you control aphids on your flowers and vegetable patch. Using ladybirds helps avoid the use of pesticides, and is more effective than physically removing them by hand, as ladybirds are more precise and persistent.







Where I serve

We cater to domestic clients throughout South Devon, including Torbay, Plymouth, Exeter, Okehampton, Newton Abbot, and Tavistock. If you need pest control in Devon, give Chris a call today on 07968 860520.

How it works:

Contact: If you can't get hold of Steve on his mobile, you can call us on 01548 831 537, 01752 917 482, or 01392 948421. Alternatively, you can email us with your pest problem by filling in the contact form here.

Site visit: In some instances we can deal with the problem in one call, but sometimes, the issue will require a survey and a quote, which we can do for free, with no obligation.

Pest removal: Whatever the pest problem, we will deal with it efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively if possible.

Return calls: Some pests require a series of visits to deal with the problem effectively, so we can arrange these visits with you in advance as part of the service.

Steve: 07968 860520

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