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At Devon Wildlife Management, we offer a wide range of pest control services. From controlling moles and rats, to dealing with insect infestations, such as wasps and ants, our helpful team will be on hand to help make your property pest-free once more. We offer mole control in Devon, enabling garden-lovers to take control of their lawns once more.

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My pest control services

European mole

Moles (Talpa Europaea)

I have been catching moles for 15 years and are very experienced in the control of them. Moles do not hibernate, and eat two-thirds of their bodyweight in worms every day.

A mole can devastate a lawn and garden within days, and their elusive, subterranean lifestyle makes them very difficult to control. Contact us to arrange for mole control in Devon.



Wasps and Hornets

Autumn time is when you start to notice wasp and hornet nests. The nests will have been there since the spring, but it is towards September when they start to forage for themselves, not the collective hive. This is a natural event, which happens every year, only the new queens will survive the winter to start the process over. We use powder chemicals with an air pressure system from a remote distance for safety. This can reach to a height of 10 metres from the ground which covers almost any situation. Please do not ask us to work from ladders – we recommend not to do this, even if you have a beekeeping suit.



Biological control

This involves releasing bugs to eat other bugs. It is eco-friendly, releasing natural predators such as ladybirds to kill aphids and smaller bug pests. We offer a wide range of biological controls, including nematodes that can be used to control a variety of unwanted garden pests such as leather jackets, chafer grubs, vine weevils and slugs. We can supply and apply these controls to your garden which are a pet friendly, Natural England-safe product to use.




Why use ladybirds?

Ladybird on leaf

Environmental safety

Biological controls are more environmentally friendly. They have minimal effects on non-target organisms, beneficial insects, wildlife, and the ecosystem as a whole.

Unlike pesticides, which can persist in the environment and potentially harm wildlife, biological controls have a more targeted impact on specific pest populations.

Natural pest control ladybird eating aphids

Targeted Pest Control

Biological controls specifically target the pest species of concern. Ladybirds, for example, are natural predators of aphids and other soft-bodied pests.

They actively seek out and consume these pests, helping to naturally regulate their populations. Pesticides, on the other hand, are often broad-spectrum and can affect a wide range of insects, including beneficial ones, such as bees.

Chemical pest control

Reduced Chemical Use

Using ladybirds reduces the reliance on synthetic chemicals.

This is particularly beneficial in situations where there are concerns about human health, such as in residential areas, schools, hospitals, or gardens where chemical residues can pose risks to children, guests, or the surrounding environment.



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How it works

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2. Survey

Sometimes we can deal with the problem in one call, but in some cases the issue will require a no-obligation survey and a quote.

3. Removal

We will arrange a time and date to come and deal with your pest problem once you are happy with your agreed price.


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