Wasp Nest Removal in Plymouth

We are a family-run business, comprising Simon Hepburn and Chris, and together we have been helping homeowners and domestic clients to keep their properties pest-free for over 15 years.

We take pride in the quality of our work, and always ensure our service exceeds expectations, and leaves our customers feeling satisfied that their property is pest free once more. We specialise in mole removal and wasp nest removal in Devon.

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Safe and natural pest control options

Alongside our services for wasp nest removal in Devon, we offer biological controls for chafer grubs, leatherjackets and many more unwanted garden pests in South Devon, Dartmoor and beyond.

These biological controls mean no pesticides, no poisons and no danger. All we do is release predatory invertebrates such as ladybirds or nematodes into the garden, where they can deal with all kinds of pests that may harm a vegetable crop or flower garden.




When to remove a wasp nest?

Wasp nest in Devon

If someone in the vicinity is allergic

For some people a wasp sting is not merely a painful nuisance, but life-threatening. In such instances, removing a wasp nest is highly important for these peoples' safety.

Wasp nest in Devon

If the nest is near high traffic areas

If the nest is sited near an entranceway or gathering space, and the wasps are potentially aggressive, we recommend to have the nest removed promptly.

Wasp nest inside attic

If there is a chance of structural damage

Sometimes wasps will nest in fascias, soffits, and roofing, or in an airbrick, and from there they can impede ventilation, or even chew through wood or plasterboard to create more entry points.


Sometimes it is completely safe to leave a wasp nest to complete its life cycle naturally.

However in other instances a nest may be located in a place where it poses a risk to people or property, in which case swift action is required. At Devon Wildlife Management we specialise in wasp nest removal in Devon, and you can rely on our professional service to remove a wasp nest quickly, effectively, and for a competitive price.

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Pest control in Devon for domestic clients across the region:

Devon Wildlife Management offer the safe control and removal of unwanted pests, which include moles, wasps, hornets, ants, chafer grubs, leatherjackets and more. If you require wasp nest removal in Devon, give our helpful team a call today on:

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